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The core idea: let those who want to do things have the opportunity, those who can do things have the stage, and those who do things have the status and treatment. The only thing that matters is talent. True talent is essential.

One is the principle of having both ability and political integrity. The selection and use of talents should be based on the requirements of overall evaluation and having both ability and political integrity. We should adhere to the principle that a mediocre person is one who has moral integrity but no talent. A person who has talent but no morality is a mean person. Morality and talent should not be neglected.

The second is the principle of 'effect theory'. In the use of talents, we don't look at academic qualifications and ability or diploma and level. No matter what status, academic qualifications and age, as long as we do well, do better than others and have outstanding achievements, we will boldly use them and entrust them with important tasks. At present, the average age of the company's technicians and middle managers is around 35, and the average age of the workshop director is around 30. Although these people are not very old and some of them have not high academic qualifications, they are capable, energetic and have outstanding achievements. We insist on the 'effect theory' employment mechanism, which makes a large number of talents with both ability and political integrity stand out and become pillars of enterprise development.

Third, the principle of putting practice first. 'It takes three days to burn the jade and seven years to distinguish it.' Over the years, all kinds of professional talents who come to work in our group have been assigned to the production line in the workshop to improve in practice, and then passed the public examination and were selected on the basis of merit.

Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talents, we have realized the change from 'horse racing at the primary level' to 'horse racing at the athletic field'. whoever does the best job will be reused as talents. Otherwise, they will only be eliminated.

Fifth, the principle of 'everyone is a talented person'. As for the use of talents, the mode and mystification should be eliminated so as to be suitable for each individual and only suitable for quantity. As long as you give full play to your talents in the right positions, you are a person of certain significance. According to this principle, according to each employee's level, specialty, experience, character, etc., we have assigned them to a relatively suitable position. We have done our best to make the best use of our talents, and have promoted the sustained, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

address:Floor 3,Building No.7,Tangtou 3rd Industrial Park,Shiyan Street of BaoAn District,ShenZhen City,China.
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